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Sugar (Zhou Hui)

Headmaster of Rise English (Wuzhan Campus), joined EYAS in September, 2015

EYAS, for me, is the first access to society. At EYAS, I transformed from a student to a teacher, an excellent teacher, and then an excellent manager; at EYAS, I fell in love, got married, and had my own kid, and then my kid went to Rise English. EYAS is the place where I grew up and where my dreams set sail. Man is great because he has a dream; man is excellent because he has goal; man is sturdy because he has a direction; man is real because he has an action. From a rookie in the career to an educator, who is responsible for children from more than 1,200 families in the school, I am always surrounded by the simple and lovely smiling faces and hearty laughter of children every day, which is a real happiness for me.

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