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RISE is a comprehensive activity center under RISE Education to improve children's quality and ability. It adheres to the concept of "people-oriented", takes "all-round growth" as the goal, takes the cultivation of children's quality and ability as the core, and provides Chinese children with quality and ability growth solutions in many fields, including verbal expression, social literacy, scientific literacy, artistic expression and so on. Moreover, it provides parent-child co education activities to help Chinese families cultivate future talents in multiple fields such as leadership, creativity, synergy and cross-cultural abilities.

EYAS International Education Group introduced RISE to central China in 2007. As of the beginning of 2023, EYAS has become one of the largest shareholders of RISE . As of March 2022, it has operated nearly 50 RISE children's center campuses, covering Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces in Central China.

Presentation Basing
(3-5 years old)

Perceive and experience diverse cultures and cultivate the ability to communicate and use basic languages.

It adopts the method of theme teaching, which is flexibly expressed through stories, songs, games and other ways, so that children can learn the language in vivid and interesting activities.

Demonstration Developing
(6-12 years old)

Taking the exhibition as the teaching presentation and supporting the diversified cultural heritage with bilingual.

It improves the language communication, artistic aesthetics and thinking ability, helps children's self-confidence in their own culture, forms an open and inclusive attitude, improves their comprehensive quality and gradually has global competence.

Future Leadership
Project Management Ability
Teamwork Ability
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