YMM Art Academy, founded in 2005 with research and development headquarters in Washington, is a chain of professional early art education institutions. EYAS firmly believes in the importance of aesthetics for children. In 2016, EYAS introduced YMM Art Academy to the market in Central China and Beijing, operating nearly 30 campuses, and is now the largest cooperative operator of of YMM Art Academy.

YMM Art Academy advocates using art to enlighten wisdom. With advanced curriculum system of early art education, its curriculum system is awarded the overall academic awards by National Art Education Association (NAEA) in the US - "The Outstanding Contribution for Art Education Course Research & Development" , which is highly praised by many authorities in art education field.

YMM Art Academy currently has more than 4,000 full-time teachers, who are artists, cartoonists, fashion designers, art educators graduating from various art universities around the world and integrating into an active education team. The constant communication and integration of various cultures make YMM Art Academy's teaching methods keep pace with the world and keep the infinite vitality of YMM Art Academy team.

Miro Smaller Class
3years old

“Miro Smaller Class (3 years old) cultivates children's creativity and interest in art, helps them discover colores, touch forms, express feeling, and listen to music, and promotes their physical development.”

Waseda Studio
4-5Years Old

“Waseda Studio(4-5 Years Old) The course provides a wide range of materials and a variety of artistic expression techniques to cultivate children's creative thinking habits, allowing them to transform from artistic enlightenment to independent creation.”

Picasso Young Master Class
6-9Years Old

“Picasso Young Master Class(6-9 Years Old)After a wide understanding and use of different tools and techniques, children are encouraged to create complete works with bold imagination and unique style.”

Modeling Basic Class
10-18Years Old

“Modeling Basic Class(10-18 Years Old)Through the free and open teaching form, modern concepts and professional skills training, we try to cultivate students' creativity and appreciation ability, and help them conduct self-evaluation and discussion, thus laying a solid foundation for applying for international art universities in the future.”

Young Fashion Designers Class
6-18Years Old

“Young Fashion Designers Class(6-18 Years Old)Through the teaching method of combining design and handwork, students will master the whole process from painting, fashion design, pricing, fashion house design to finished product release, and be familiar with the "industry chain" of fashion design. In addition, students will be organized to wear the fashionable dress they design and sew on stage to show their works. The course helps students lay a good foundation for becoming a fashion designer in the future”

International Cartoon Class
8-18Years Old

“International Cartoon Class(8-18 Years Old)The course systematically teaches the basic knowledge of professional animation and cartoon, such as composition law, role setting, scene description, story writing, stage design, cartoon performance techniques, book binding, publishing method, tool use, software operation and so on. The course comprehensively improves students' creative level and artistic accomplishment, so that students can find their own personality and creative style and become original animation and cartoon artists.”

“Except that dust can be thrown away, everything else can be our creative materials." The teachers of YMM Art Academy create and decorate the classroom by using waste materials, imperceptibly teaching the children to make effective use of waste and develop the good habit of cherishing things. At the same time, turning waste materials into artistic works can stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

YMM Art Academy launches "international art travel program" every year. Students can go on international study tours to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries.

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