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·Specialization in early childhood education for 36 years

·Complete curriculum system

·Weekly updates with American Synchronous Courses

·High-quality team of teachers

·Standardized management process

·Safe and comfortable teaching environment

·Small-class bilingual teaching

Global leading brand of early childhood education

MYGYM was founded in 1983 by William Caplin, Yakov Sherman and Susi Sherman. With its expertise in early childhood education, kinesiology, physical education, dance and gymnastics, MYGYM has developed a comprehensive curriculum and teaching equipment tailored to the natural needs of children. In the past 36 years, MYGYM has been focusing on the field of early childhood education, and constantly improving and enriching the curriculum system.
In 2013, EYAS International Education Group established the Central China Operation Center of MYGYM Children's Fitness Center. At present, EYAS operates 16 MYGYM centers and is the largest franchisee of MYGYM.

Be Unique
MYGYM's course system and unique customized teaching equipment form a competitive advantage that is hard to copy.
Be Advanced
MYGYM's carefully designed curriculum is constantly optimized and updated to keep abreast of cutting-edge research in medicine, psychology and brain neuroscience.
Be Professional
MYGYM's courses are developed on the basis of the research achievements of child physiology, child psychology and sociology.
Be Scientific
The curriculum system designed by the American research and development team in line with children's nature is a great progress in the field of early education for more than 30 years.
My Gym
Based on the scientific research findings of children's physiology, psychology, sociology and so on, MYGYM's fun class is synchronized with the United States and updated weekly, to help children develop their physical skills, cognitive, language and social skills through physical skills training and exploratory games.
My Music
My Music adopts Music Together, the original American coursebook, to help children to obtain basic musical abilities in a relaxing and amusing learning environment on a non-performance basis. As a family-based music course, My Music attaches great importance to the parents' participation and demonstration effect. It also advocates that parents take music class home to create a family music atmosphere.
My Art
My Art adopts the teaching system and original curriculum of American Abrakadoodle, emphasizing process art and that there's no right or wrong for art, and also encouraging children to explore, discover and learn in art practice, cultivate their love for art, and stimulate their imagination and creativity.
Discipline Philosophy
Through fun games, MYGYM makes children understand the importance of discipline and guides them to learn self-discipline.
Positive Reinforcement Concept
MYGYM provides a growth environment full of understanding, positive encouragement and constant support for children, helping them strengthen popular behaviors and cultivating good habits and characters.
Non-Competitive Environment
MYGYM creates an active and easy atmosphere for children without horizontal comparison, helping children establish self-esteem and confidence.

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