EYAS International Academy, the first American-style middle school in Central China, was jointly established by EYAS International Education Group and UCA (United Christian Academy), a private Blue Ribbon School in the United States. EYAS International Academy provides a complete solution to international middle school education for teenagers aged 9-15, aimed at cultivating Chinese students' proficiency in English, thinking mode, comprehensive ability to top international academic level.

EIA and and its partner, Blue Ribbon Middle School of the United States, adopt the same and synchronous teaching materials, teaching models and evaluation system. At the same time, the seamless connection between teachers and academic resources is realized. The credits and transcripts students have acquired are recognized by the partner Blue Ribbon Middle Schools in America. We have introduced indigenous American high school education in China to greatly cultivate our students’ comprehensive ability to study in the USA in all aspects and all disciplines. At the same time, with the strong strength of Chinese and American double enrollment and complete admission service, students can enjoy the unlimited possibility of one-stop access to American high schools, enabling each student to pursue their dream of Ivy League, with confidence and energy!

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School Philosophy
Our vocation is

to inspire the BEST in each to seek the best for all.


Be kind




Strong Academic Habits


True Respect

Educational Objectives
Outstanding social participation ability
Excellent comprehensive ability
A deep understanding of cultural awareness

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