Our Vision
EYAS Academy, Value for Centuries

EYAS brings together a group of distinguished alumni from Harvard University, Peking University and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) who are passionately devoted to education. These leaders, who are well versed in international education trends, have been focusing on cultivating the international competitiveness of Chinese children and providing one-stop American elite quality education for children aged 0-18.

At present, EYAS is the largest operating partner of many top quality training brands in the world, including MYGYM Children's Fitness Center (a 35-year global early childhood education leader) in the field of early childhood education, Rise English (a HMHG global resources-based training facility listed on NASDAQ) in the field of English education, and YMM Art Academy (a professional early art education chain institute with R&D headquarter in Washington) in the field of art education. In the field of full-time education, EYAS's own brands, EYASKIDS Learning Academy and EYAS International Academy, provide students with authentic American high-quality educational resources through strong international academic cooperation and first-class standard teachers, fully respecting children's own development characteristics and inspiring their unlimited potential.

EYAS attaches great importance to the integration of high-quality international education resources. It has set up branches in North America and Hong Kong, China to introduce international high-end education talents and high-quality cutting-edge academic resources. Multiple deployments at home and abroad enable EYAS to remain competitive in international preschool education. As of March 2021, it has over 100 campuses across the country, and nearly 100,000 children have benefited from its curriculum.

Management Team

EYAS was founded by a group of outstanding alumni from Harvard University, Peking University and China Europe International Business School. The original aspiration to devote ourselves to the cause of education has brought us together. The leaders of EYAS continue to introduce the world's advanced education concepts and excellent cooperation resources to China, committed to breaking the regional, language, cultural, thinking differences and limitations, and cultivating talents with future leadership and international vision.

Wang Hui, founder of EYAS, is not only a dedicated educator in international education for more than 10 years, but also a climber of The Top Of The World: 7+2 Climbing Program. President Wang Hui insists that education, like climbing, is not a pursuit of quick success and instant benefit, but a continuing pursuit that requires perseverance and action, just like climbers who always challenge themselves and pursue excellence.


Group Honor
Social Responsibility

EYAS International Education Group advocates actively taking social responsibility for employees, consumers, the environment and education. It goes beyond the traditional idea of taking profit as the only goal, and focuses on human value and social contribution. EYAS consciously, takes the initiative to pay attention to social public interests, environmental interests, the interests of social vulnerable groups, and consciously assumes social responsibilities.


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