Education Counselling
College Guidance
The Self-Directed Search

EIA coaches are certified by KUDER Senior Career Planner and provide one to one career advice to students on a regular basis. Through scientific means and methods to measure and assess students' basic qualities and abilities, they focus on helping children to build self-awareness and tap their potential, so that students can clearly plan for the future.

Standard Tests

EIA adopts the assessment model of the American SSAT, and conducts scientific assessment of students' academic ability according to the key contents of the original SSAT examination. At the same time, we also offer TOEFL® Junior™ Junior™ courses for students to prepare for the test, providing specialized training in vocabulary, listening, grammar, reading and other aspects.

Counselling & Planning

Senior planners for studying in American high schools reside in EIA. They will assess each student's academic ability, interest, social practice and other aspects of performance, give professional planning advice and the best choice, and connect with the partner institutions of EIA to help students find the most suitable high school, one-stop access to famous American high schools.

Post-Study Service

During their overseas study, EIA provides academic, residence, and family education support and services, guides and supervises students' overseas study, helps students adapt to American society and culture quickly, and keeps contact with their parents anytime.

Background Promotion
Academic Competition

EIA has a strategic partnership with SKT, a leader in international quality competition, to achieve academic excellence under the premise of academic diversity through academic competitions in various disciplines, and to contribute to the future academic career.

American "Math League" thinking exploration research activities
USAP American Academic Pentathlon
NSL American STEM


Public Speaking Club

Public speaking is one of the necessary skills for 21st century. Through the study of speaking skills and the practice of different topics, it provides a platform for students to improve themselves.

MUN Club

Students act as diplomats from different countries and participate in the "United Nations Conference" as representatives of various countries.

Community Service

EIA helps students improve their sense of social responsibility, creativity and practical ability by organizing different types of social practice such as volunteer activities, cultural activities and internship.


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