International Cooperation
Cooperation with Blue

Ribbon Schools of Excellence in Running Schools

Founded in 1995, UCA was awarded the“Blue Ribbon School”for its excellent teaching level and enrollment rate. Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence are the model of the top schools in the United States, as well as the highest honor awarded by the US government to primary and secondary schools.

A seamless connection between EIA and UCA has been established in a full set of educational resources, including the curriculum system, teachers, assessment, degree, online learning system, and so on.

EYAS Partnership with PLN

University of Pennsylvania, one of the top Ivy League universities in the United States, has established a strategic cooperation with EYAS, which promotes EYAS's pace of internationalization and global layout. Relying on the cutting-edge education ideas and methods of the experts from the University of Pennsylvania, EYAS will continue to upgrade and create a world-renowned curriculum system and a professional team of teachers, and also committed to cultivating talents who will change the world.


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